Top 10 unique and useful iPhone cases

1. Oaxis InkCase i7

Oaxis Inkcase i7
The InkCase adds a secondary E Ink display with no additional bulk and weight.

Forget about Kindles! The InkCase i6 transforms your iPhone into an e-reader by adding an E Ink display to the back of your iPhone connected to your iPhone 6 through Bluetooth. Users can access content via the low-power secondary screen without switching on the iPhone’s display thus conserving battery significantly. Read your favorite ebook on InkCase’s paper-like display which remains clear even under direct sunlight. You’ll never miss another notification or reminder with InkCase. Personalize your iPhone with favorite images to express your unique individuality! Durable dual molded polycarbonate exterior provides complete protection of the back, edges and corner of your iPhone 6/6s. This iPhone case is definitely a must-buy for avid readers!

2. Prynt iPhone 6 Case

Picture of Prynt iPhone case with a photo printing

Prynt iPhone cases essentially act as portable printers, transforming your phone into a Polaroid camera. Using the Prynt app, you can preview and edit your photos with free, custom filters, stickers, frames and more. Each Prynt photo is long-lasting, fade and tear-resistant. Moreover, every photo is a sticker printed in millions of high-res colours! You don’t need additional ink cartridges as Prynt uses special ink-free printing technology.

3. Logitech Protection [+] iPhone 6 Case
Front and back view of Logitech Protection + iPhone case

Logitech’s Protection [+] for the iPhone 6 is specially designed and tested to protect your iPhone from any drops, bumps, and scratches. For users who are always on the road, you’ll love Logitech Protection iPhone cases! The hidden metal plate in the case offers seamless compatibility with the Logitech [+] mounts, allowing users to attach their iPhone easily.

4. BoxWave Keyboard iPhone 6 Case
Front and back view of the Boxwave iPhone case

Designed to be the perfect complement to the Apple iPhone 6’s on-screen keyboard, the Keyboard Buddy’s easy slide-in keyboard is smooth and natural. Backlit keys make the Keyboard Buddy even more user-friendly with raised keys, allowing users to type faster and more accurately than ever. An improved button layout and an onboard battery, chargeable by micro-USB cable, with up to 2 weeks worth of charge duration makes for an even more intuitive experience. The Keyboard Buddy’s form fitting shell and secure snap on make sure that there are no weird bumps or protrusions to get in the way.

5. Benuo Leather iPhone 6 Case

Front and back view of the Benuo Leather iPhone case

The leather case is entirely handmade of sleek corrected grain genuine leather. It’s easy to grip with a nice texture and wears beautifully over time. With its folio-style case that has three slots on the rear, users can access their cards easily. The understated magnetic closure ensures your screen is protected and yet does not get in the way. Precise open cut-outs for all ports, buttons, speakers & camera make sure that usage of your iPhone 6 is not impeded while also leaving enough room for full coverage screen protector and flash. This classy iPhone case will definitely appeal to people who hate cumbersome cases that make it difficult to get at your cash quickly.

6. VRS Design Damada Glide Wallet Case

Open compartment of VRS Damada Glide iPhone cases showcased

Available in five different colours, this wallet case keeps your cards tucked away in a little compartment, making access extremely ergonomic. While VRS iPhone cases are easy to install and remove, the side power and volume buttons still remain covered and protected from the elements. For anyone who is on the go and doesn’t have the room or inclination to carry a separate wallet, this is what you’re looking for.

7. IN1 Tools
In1 iPhone case with most of the tools removed and placed neatly next to the case

What better way to carry a toolkit around than to combine it with your iPhone? Whether it’s a screwdriver, scissors or even just a pen, IN1 Tools iPhone cases have it all! It also includes a kickstand and the tools come in colors like gray, pink, purple and yellow. You can also choose between a clear case and black one.

8. Loopy iPhone 6/6s Plus
Loopy iPhone case with a zoom-in view of the cutouts

Big fan of using your phone while relaxing in bed? Then you would have experienced the agony of dropping your phone on your face as well…. In that case, this iPhone case is definitely going to make life easier for you! Though a little goofy-looking, this case presents a simple solution to butter fingers with a simple loop at the back of your phone. Just slip two fingers in and you’ll never drop your phone again! Made of strengthened tear-resistant and crack-resistant material, there’s no risk of tearing and the outer shell is extremely durable. Moreover, the loops are interchangeable and fully adjustable, maximising comfort and style!

9. ZAGG iPhone 6 Speaker Case

The image shows the assembly of the ZAGG Speaker case

Heads-up to all music lovers! ZAGG is perhaps better known for their tough screen protectors but they are proving themselves in terms of iPhone cases too. The new Speaker case contains a removable Bluetooth speaker for playing music, videos or taking phone calls. Furthermore, the slim, protective bumper provides strong protection for your iPhone as well. The rechargeable battery(1800mAh) can be used to recharge your phone or shared through the universal USB port.

10. Boostcase Gemstone Power Case
View of Gemstone Clear iPhone Case

Boostcase adds over 100% more battery life for iPhone 6s & iPhone 6. Its innovative modular design is a reinvention of the battery case, featuring a standalone protective case with an attachable battery sleeve. Users can conveniently remove the battery sleeve when unneeded. The Gemstone collection features the world’s first completely transparent design battery case offered in colours matched to fine gemstones. A dedicated toggle switch controls the battery and an LED light bar shows your remaining charge. No need to carry those bulky portable chargers around anymore!

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